So Cluckin’ Good

The new Bo’s Chicken Sandwich is the largest launch in the history of the brand. So how do you help it rise above the rest on the cluttered battlefield of the Chicken Sandwich Wars?

We knew that folks needed to hear about the bold flavor and crispy hand breading of Bo’s Chicken Sandwich. It’s made the right way to deliver a fully-immersive, focus-on-nothing-else meal experience.  In fact, the new Bo’s Chicken Sandwich is so cluckin’ good that it just might make you do something unexpected!

We launched our campaign in broadcast and social, telling breakthrough stories of unexpected reactions to people eating the new sandwich. All of the content was concepted, built, shot, directed and produced 100% in-house at EP+Co. Our new in-house, commercial-grade kitchen and our revamped workshop both played pivotal roles in delivering a first-class live-action and table top food shoot.

Monitor 2
Kitchen Set
Monitor 3

What’s REALLY going on in the minds of people who eat Bo’s new Chicken Sandwich? Crazy stuff. We had fun with our broadcast footage, cutting it and adding weird FX and color to make each bite look soooooo cluckin’ goooooood.