Leadership at EP+Co

Our People

The Unthinkers

You won’t find us in corner offices. We’re a rag-tag crew of escapees from the tired agency model. We come in all shapes and sizes, from different walks, across all sorts of disciplines. Including a few we’ve concocted mad-scientist style. It’s the kind of unthinking that gives us the control to make even the most pie-in-the-sky ideas doable.

Con Williamson President + Chief Creative Officer

Allen Bosworth President

John Cornette Executive Creative Director + Director of Innovation

Curtis Rose Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Hoffman Chief Growth Officer

Kat Shafer Managing Director

Karen Mawhinney Managing Director

Chris Plating Director, Brand & Channel Strategy

Danny Miller Director, Content Production

Vicky Gonzalez Director, Production & Business Systems Ops

Annette Ruby Director of Finance

& Co

It’s the “Company” that makes EP+Co. 200+ misfits, Unthinkers, doers, and counting. Think you’re one of us?

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