About Us

We have unthunk the traditional agency

...1000 miles from the traditional sense

We’re a stew of like-minded spirits...

...that’s hard to put your finger on.

So what makes EP+Co different?

Our People

It's not just the people but the types of people. We hire professional skateboarders because of their unique shooting, editing and production skills. We hire comedians to write, as they are more in tune with culture. We hire welders and set builders so we can make our own productions. We hire different to create different.

An EP+Co. employee holding a cute dog towards the camera.
EP+Co. employee using an angle grinder at Taylors Mill.

Our How

We have continued to evolve, developing truly full service capabilities that include experiential, social & content, production and even 40 full-time creative technologists. We write our code, make our own masks, test our ideas in real-time and develop full-scale prototypes to life.

Our Leaders

You won’t find us in corner offices. We’re a ragtag crew of escapees from the tired agency model. We come in all shapes and sizes, from different walks, across all sorts of disciplines. Including a few we’ve concocted mad-scientist style. We do the kind of unthinking that gives us the control to make even the most pie-in-the-sky ideas doable.

EP+Co. leadership team at Taylors Mill.

Our Home

Being in NY and Greenville provides a cultural and geographical diversity of thought to all of our outputs. We operate as one office with folks from both locations working on a line of business. This allows for creative perspective that blends Americana into real ideas that resonate.

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Jeff Hoffman

Chief Growth Officer

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