Yee-Haw Brewing: Crafted for the Masses

Yee-Haw Brewing Company is in the business of making craft beers you want to have more than one of. Given their recent success (2016 World Beer Cup Bronze award for their Dunkel) and the rapid expansion of this Fine Southern Beer brewery, we would say business is good. To complement their delicious year-round brews, it was time to launch their High-Gravity series. The craft brew space is a cluttered and competitive market, s delivering an intoxicating campaign that not only stands out but elevates the essence of the brand was critical to a successful launch for this new product. 


Music to my beers

To launch the High Gravity series we had to stay not only true to the foundational brews but the series of beers moving forward. We plugged into the soul of the brand which rests in music. While Eastern Tennessee is known for its beauty it is also known for its eclectic sounds. The Brewmaster crafted a bold Scotch Ale and thrilling Double IPA for their first batch of HG brews. We appropriately named the ale The Velvet Charmer and the Double IPA Big Hoppa. 

We launched these brews across the Southeast and across channels. Digital, Social, In Store & Video. To learn more about these beers, head over to

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