The UPS Store: 5 Days of Giftmas

To add even more cheer to the holiday season and to showcase The UPS Store’s expert printing, packing and shipping skills, we developed the first-ever game show on Facebook Live. 

At least, we’re pretty sure ours was first.

For five days straight, we caused quite the sir with a wide variety of gifts including some of the season’s most elusive products (but we refused to claim responsibility if the hatchimal didn’t hatch).

The Facebook Live event started everyday at 2pm EST, and stayed up until all the day’s prizes were won. With Makers in mind, we used a fully hand-made set constructed out of cardboard, wood and foam core. And in lieu of digital supers, we had a system of pulleys, hand-cut signs, over 200 clue cards, and a dedicated team of puppeteers to make it all move. Fans of the UPS Store hopped on their phones and computers, tuned in, and guessed as fast as they possibly could.

The results? Over 68,000 excited people participated in our game show and the lucky ones walked away with some really cool stuff. Holiday cheer achieved. 

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