We were challenged with engaging Lenovo fans leading up to CES in a new way, so we built a unique experience that took fans through Lenovo’s research lab. Hacking Facebook’s canvas unit to create a side scrolling experience, we reimagined Lenovo’s lab, completely built in CGI. 

What would happen if Lenovo’s smartest fans broke into the lab? Would they be able to escape – or would they be trapped amongst the prototypes and experimental tech?

To put it to the test, we gamified the experience through an immersive series of challenges and riddles. In the end, they had what it took, beating the traps, solving the puzzles, and catching a glimpse at some secret prototypes along the way.

The Lab

Prototype sketches were hidden through the experience to give fans an exclusive first look before products were even announced at CES. In the end, the best and brightest were able to escape the lab and had a little fun along the way.

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