Find Your Voice

With the landscape of work shifting predominantly online, it's becoming more important than ever to drive your career forward by discovering meaningful content and conversations from the leading voices in your industry. Enter LinkedIn’s 2020 Top Voices List, a carefully curated index of over 150 figures across a multitude of verticals. To create buzz and discussion around the announcement of the list, we developed a social campaign that demonstrates the value these professionals bring to business conversation and how, no matter your industry or career interests, there’s a voice out there just for you. 

We started with a hero video featuring Ashley ShahAhmadi, a LinkedIn Member and Sports Reporter, that showcases how even the most niche of career paths can still discover a Top Voice that speaks to their interests. 

We then created social posts that spanned across platforms, including Instagram and LinkedIn Stories, to continue engaging our audience and driving interest to the 2020 Top Voices list. 

Lastly, we surprised the 2020 Top Voices honorees with a fun token of appreciation for their hard work creating compelling content in one of the most challenging years to date.

Ep Li Top Voices Sd Hero 1
Ep Li Top Voices S D 1
Ep Li Top Voices S D 2