Denny's on Demand

Denny’s has always been the place where America goes to get whatever it wants, whenever it wants. But for some fans, they need more; they needed a way to get the diner food they crave wherever they want it.

With the launch of ‘Denny’s on Demand’, Denny’s introduced an all-new ordering platform, offering guests offering guests a quick and easy way to place a mobile or online order for takeout or delivery of their favorite menu items.

Whether it’s pancakes by the pool, burgers on the beach or coffee on the couch, Denny’s is bringing the diner right to America’s door, 24/7.

With ‘Denny’s on Demand’, Denny’s and EP+Co completely reimaged online ordering, starting with a new online ordering technology platform, including a mobile app, that was fully customized for Denny’s; new packaging design that incorporated actual Tweets from Denny’s popular Twitter account; along with developing national broadcast and print advertisements, in-store merchandise, social media content and more.

Video Poster Dennys On Demand Ordering
Video Poster Dennys On Demand Packaging