Unthink Everything. You’ll hear us say this a lot on here; how we solve problems in a way no one expects, create headroom in a cluttered category and run a thousand miles from the traditional sense.

But then 2020 happened. COVID-19 flipped the world upside down, and every way we’d previously worked had to be, well, UnThunk. We had to think bigger, smarter, faster and more efficiently than ever before. Pivoting wasn’t enough; we had to run full speed in the opposite direction and keep bringing those ideas to life, no matter what it took.

“V3” or “Virtual Video Village” was concepted and developed in-house at EP+Co as a response to COVID-19. The proprietary technology enables live-action production and content creation, with full client “access” and direction of the shoot done virtually and safely from any remote location they choose.

So while the rest of the world took a pause, shoots got placed on hold and campaigns were halted, we kept moving>tinkering>making. Utilizing V3 and our 20,000 sq. ft. production studio and prototyping facility, CoLab, we kept the wheels rollin’ for our clients and produced some pretty badass work for the likes of General Mills, Bojangles and Denny’s. Nope, not even COVID-19 could stop us.

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And it didn’t. Because while we figured out a way to actually get s**t done, from a distance, we still had to make sure we were reaching our consumers in a way we never had. To make sure that what we were actually putting out there was smart for the brand; effective in an environment we’d never been in before; and tested in a way we’d never tried.


Enter EPiQ. EPiQ is a proprietary process for testing messaging, creative and ideas before they explode into the world. Smart, right? The unique resource came about during COVID-19 as more and more clients wanted to test waters that were uncharted; consumer sentiment and reaction unknown. 

The unique resource provides clients with nimble, and affordable, access to primary research and is ultimately designed to remove that oh-so-risky guesswork. It uncovers facts and helps hone in on insights, and has been utilized for the likes of Bojangles, John Deere and Men’s Wearhouse.


But, even with all these super smart sounding tools, we still needed to help our clients stay ahead of that COVID curve. With the right team and tools in place, we got to market with a COVID Sentiment Tracker, which is provided to every EP+Co client on a weekly basis. The tracker has helped guide crucial decisions in messaging response, store closings and reopenings, product mix and much more.