EP+Co Checks Into the El Royale

At the famous El Royale, nothing is as it seems. And Bad Times at the El Royale, the latest genre-bender from writer/Director Drew Goddard, is every bit as mysterious as its (fictional) namesake. Our challenge: How can you get fans interested in a completely original story without revealing too much of its mysteries? Through world-building cutdowns, mysterious cinemagraphs, and some good ol’ fashioned starpower, we let audiences check in at the El Royale long before opening night.

Our in-house FX team created a suite of cutdowns and moody cinemagraphs highlighting the incredible atmosphere and the star-studded cast of the film. With unique content featuring the film’s stars, we could galvanize their audience in an organic way without revealing too much about their characters in the film.

Like color TV in the 60s, mobile viewing has given rise to vertical-oriented content and changed video forever. Likewise, we created unique, vertical-oriented content designed for the format, offering fans a new perspective on the film.