Denny's Sells Its Soul

They're here. And whether we want to admit it or not, NFTs are the future. Which is a little intimidating considering we, like most people, are still trying to figure out just what the hell they are… We wanted to dive in, but we still had so many questions... Why was digital art selling for so much? How were gifs suddenly worth $25k? And who in their right mind would spend their hard-earned money on a Gary Vee tweet? We decided the best way in was to go with what we know. Tweets were selling, and we had a bunch of successful ones with Denny’s. Plus, we figured Denny’s fans would be down… So, we set up a account and started selling our favorite puns and silly dad jokes for Denny's favorite charity: No Kid Hungry. In the end, we sold over a grand's worth of tweets, got a few headlines, and most importantly, learned a ton about NFTs. Though, admittedly, there’s still a ton we don’t know…

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Kat Shafer

Chief Client Officer

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