Consumer Segmentation Is

Dividing consumers based on common characteristics.

We go beyond demographics to lifestyle attitudes and need states.


The output is 3-7 segment profiles with rich and layered detail that truly distinguishes one segment from the others in a manner that informs creative content and strategy.


Benefit of segmentation data – nuanced details that inspire or inform creative content settings, creative content strategy, omnichannel engagement strategy, new product offerings and promotion tactics.

Segmentation Research Is Useful When:

Your product is in a shrinking category. You need to broaden how the usage occasion is defined and understand those consumers to attract growth. E.g. Morning caffeine vs morning coffee.


Significant changes have occurred in the needs and attitudes of your core consumers and you need to understand how they see the world.


Your team wants clarity on which products in the portfolio best meet consumer needs in the category, or whether there is a gap in the portfolio for meeting needs.

2 Days
EPiQ’s Personas & Segmentation can give you Consumer Needs & Attitudes in half the time of typical Segmentation studies.
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